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Wholesome Horoscopes


Hannah Erbe Smith

Aries: You have a lot going on, Aries! Today is a good day to chat with family members; give them a call and update them on all of the exciting things you’ve been up to.

Taurus: Taurus, you are hard-working and so kind. Make sure to be as good to yourself as you are to others; do what you need to do. Also, you’re cute.

Gemini: People misunderstand the twins. You are socially intelligent and bubbly. You are the glue that holds your group together. Remember that.

Cancer: It’s okay to talk about your feelings, sensitive crab. Instead of being passive aggressive, try to communicate freely with those around you. It will make you so much happier.

Leo: Passionate Lion, this is a gentle reminder that the Earth revolves around the Sun—not you! When that sun is shining, however, don’t hesitate to own the spotlight.

Virgo: Virgo! Stop stressing out so much, everything is going to be okay! Clean up your living space to help ease your stress, and maybe reread a favorite book.

Libra: It’s your season, Libra! Make sure to maintain balance between your social life and work life. It may seem overwhelming right now, but you are the Zodiac’s master of balance. Also, maybe do some shopping. Treat yourself.

Scorpio: Hey there, you. You’ve been awfully preoccupied lately. Do something fun to distract yourself. Take Capricorn with you. You both need a break.

Sagittarius: You are full of natural wisdom and wanderlust. Go take a hike. No really, go for a walk in the woods or something.

Capricorn: Capricorn. You’ve been working very hard lately. This is your reminder to take a well-deserved break. Do something crazy with Scorpio. Step outside your comfort zone.

Aquarius: As we get deeper into the semester, you’re starting to drift off. While you need to bring yourself back down to earth and regain focus, be sure not to let go of that wonderful imagination of yours.

Pisces: Hello, lovely flower children! Today you should take off your shoes and run around in the grass. It’ll be fun. Do it. Don’t worry about whether people think you’re nuts. You’re awesome.