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The View From Oyaron Hill

Fall Theatre Preview


This Fall, there are only a few opportunities to see Hartwick theatre performance, be sure not to miss out.

By Courtney Mallard

Hartwick Theatre to Perform Classic Shakespeare


Rehearsals have started for Hartwick Theatre Department’s spring production of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. The show is being directed by Professor Marc Shaw, along with assistant director Chelsea Jacobson’18. Twelfth Night is a comedy that follows a woman who disguises as a man after her brother’s death, and the affects her arrival has on several people in Illyria.

By Taylor Morin

Impressive Presentation of Lovely Evidences


This week there will be a presentation/lecture by a person who simply identifies herself as the Librarian. This Librarian has rented out the Lab Theatre for the days of November 3-6, in hopes of presenting some evidence that she has collected throughout her travels across the world and in an effort “to prove one life and justify another” to anyone who wishes to attend. Throughout her lecture, the Librarian describes her adventures around the world as she tries to crack the alluring mystery of a book that was returned 113 years overdue by an unknown person. 

By Taylor Morin

HIA Presents: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shadow Cast


On September 23rd, at 7:30 PM in Slade theater, Hartwick’s Identity Alliance will be putting on a show like none other: a shadow cast production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. While that may sound incredibly enticing on it’s own accord, it gets even better. For some that may not know, a “shadow cast” production isn’t your standard play, musical or movie viewing. In this, and most, cases it’s a musical or play happening in real time with the movie that’s based directly on the movie itself.

By Winston Sinclair

COCK's Coming Up


The Cardboard Alley Players (CAP) theatre production this year is a play called COCK. It is being directed by Chase O’Neill and the Stage Manager is Brandan Fielding. Every year a play is chosen by CAP along with a director and stage manager. COCK was recommended by alumni Roderick Coffey, who worked as the theatre intern last year. The cast consists of John, played my Nigel Mease, M, played by Tom Dwyer, W, played by Allison Roach, and F, the father of M. who is played by Casey Holmberg.

By Joshua White