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The View From Oyaron Hill

Second Hawks Talk to Address Student Unrest on Campus


Charlie Feher-Peiker

In response to student concerns, Hartwick College’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Meg Nowak, released a statement clarifying the position of the Hartwick Administration’s response to recent student unrest and rumor on campus, following the recent student protest in Dewar union.

In a statement of Hilltops, Nowak asserted that she was in support of Student Senate hosting the original Hawks Talk event in November of 2015, and she supports the hosting of another, similar event in the near future.

Student Senate has since posted fliers around campus informing students of another Hawks Talk event scheduled for March 15 at 8 p.m. in Johnstone Science Center. This event will follow up on the President’s Q&A on March 7, which gave students an opportunity to speak directly with the President and the vice presidents.

“I believe this platform [The Q&A] will afford the senior administration the opportunity to answer questions that students have,” said Nowak before the Q&A, “and give students an opportunity to better understand what roles each Vice President plays in the operation of the College.”

According to Nowak’s statement, the Q&A session was the president’s idea, to which the vice presidents agreed, thinking that it would be a good way to continue conversation by speaking directly with students. At the Q&A, students addressed the president with a variety of questions, including questions regarding Noah Jager and the school’s actions towards him, which are still points of much debate and confusion. 

According to Nowak, Jager is still active on campus in Political Science Club and in Greek Life, as the president of All Greek Council. But Nowak did confirm that he resigned his position in Student Senate and was removed from the Commencement Committee.

“Because of the threats perceived in his anonymous correspondence with members of the board,” Nowak said, “he [Jager] stepped down from his executive board position with Student Senate and was removed from the Commencement Committee by the committee’s coordinator.”

It seems, the discussions on campus will continue for the foreseeable future as solutions to problems are investigated and information is gathered on how to go about addressing communication disconnects on campus. Which, according to Nowak, is why it is so important that the dialogue continue and why she supports Student Senate in their efforts to host Hawks Talk and events like it in the future.

“Receiving the information from Senate provided the staff and administration an opportunity to make improvements, clear up misinformation, and clarify approaches being taken to address concerns,” Nowak said.