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Hartwick College's Student Newspaper

The View From Oyaron Hill

Wet Food For Captain


Walking down the shiny, fluorescent aisles of Wal-Mart this weekend, making my usual weekly foray into the tiled hell that is everyone’s favorite grocery conglomerate to hate, I thought about the irony of myself, a card-carrying member of the Socialist Party U.S.A. and self-defined Anarchist shopping at Wal-Mart, the grey bricked bastion of multinational, modern Capitalism. So, as I pushed my rain-sprinkled cart through the store, past the hunting-camo-suited blow up Santa Claus and bins of corn-syrup based Halloween candy....

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

How to Build a Time Machine


When I was eight years old, my family bought a new refrigerator. The box it came in was huge and since nobody knew exactly what to do with it once the box was no longer of any use, they just left it behind the house for the garbage man to take. But the garbage man was too late. The moment that box was left outside it was mine. To me that box was much more than just a six-sided piece of cardboard held together by tape. To me it was a pirate ship, and a rocket, and a submarine, and a time machine.

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

Honey, I Lost My Internship


The summer after my first year of college, I started as an intern at a non-profit organization called InterVol that recycles medical supplies. My job was to ride around in a large van and help pick up supplies from the local hospitals, some doctor’s offices, and anybody else who called in asking us to pick up supplies they may have had in their homes. I also participated in what we call “Sorting Parties” where we sort the supplies we collect and box them up before we send them to our storage warehouse; another place that I frequently worked.

By Tim Raimy

What It’s Like Being A Student In A Divided College


I don’t know if I speak for anybody else when I say this, but I love Hartwick College. Don’t take that to be gushier than it is. Since I started attending Hartwick last year, this odd little place up here on this hill has grown on me and now I can’t imagine who I would be without it. That isn’t to say that I don’t have my issues with it, but all in all I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. So that’s why watching the events of these last few months unfold has been so particularly strange, disorienting, and disheartening for me as a journalist (I’d like to be able to call myself that at this point) and a student.

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

Know Your Rights


Interacting with the college administration in a disciplinary context can induce great anxiety when the future of one’s academic career hangs in the balance. For this reason, it is important to know your rights regarding reporting and being charged with misconduct, before you need to worry about them. What follows is a rundown of the rights students have in regards to reporting misconduct (i.e. being a “whistle-blower”) and facing allegations of student misconduct, here printed for those who have not seen these policies or who wish for a “refresher.”

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

It’s Okay To Be A Woman And Support A Male Candidate


As the race to the White House is quickly narrowing down, with two left on the left and five remaining on the right, more and more dirt on each of the candidates is becoming public knowledge. New celebrity and politician endorsements occur almost every day as the candidates strive to win in the early caucus and primary states. Many candidates and their supporters have said many radical things out of desperation of votes; most of the time, these statements don’t go over well with the general public.  

By Lauren O’Brien

Hartwick Hosts Foreign Exchange Students from Switzerland


Hartwick College is known for having a large international student population and many study abroad opportunities. This semester, the college is hosting two students from Switzerland. They are Olivier Schorro, a history major with a German studies minor, and Nikola Stosic, a history major with an Eastern European studies minor. They applied to Hartwick last April and were accepted, originally anticipating to attend this past fall. The two arrived in New York City January 30, and spent a week exploring and doing the basic “tourist” activities.

By Kayce Savoie

The Alternative Spring Break: Rachel Kristoff


Rachel Kristoff is a senior at Hartwick College and is trying to make the most of her last year by creating a new alternative spring break program. Kristoff is forming a hybrid trip that lies somewhere between a traditional Daytona Beach spring break and alternative, service oriented spring break. “I want students to have the opportunity to go on a safe spring break to a new and interesting place where not only are they having a fun spring break but they are also making a difference,” Kristoff said. 

By Jilian Sabatino - Student Submission