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The View From Oyaron Hill

Second Grade Jane


College is the perfect time in life to make some new friends, and to further explore the person you’d like to be. Innocently enough, we may find ourselves exchanging numbers, taking some selfies, and tagging each other in funny cat videos on Facebook. This is a friendship that seems solid, and like it may last way after college ends. Nothing about your movie dates, or Table Rock excursions screams problematic.

By Hannah Warren

Being Roommates


In July, it finally came to having to find someone to share a tiny dorm room with for the entirety of a year I was terrified. I had filled out the survey asking when I liked to go to bed, or if I was a party animal. To me, the questions seemed pointless, and like they had come off a bad dating website.

By Hannah Warren, Julia Marquis

Wholesome Horoscopes


Aries: You have a lot going on, Aries! Today is a good day to chat with family members; give them a call and update them on all of the exciting things you’ve been up to. 

Taurus: Taurus, you are hard-working and so kind.

By Hannah Erbe Smith

My Tragic Love Affair With South African Punk


When I went to South Africa for the first time last J-Term, I had taken the course on South Africa and I had been brushing up on contemporary South African politics and social happenings. I was ready to spend a month there, I knew all about South Africa and I felt that I had successfully eradicated 18 years of misconceptions and false information from my consciousness. I was wrong of course....

By Charlie Feher-Peiker