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Senior Spotlight:

Feelings From a Second Semester Senior


As the Spring semester is well in swing, some of us are facing excitement as the warm weather and summer approaches, but others are caught in a bittersweet battle as graduation approaches. Seniors are preparing for job and graduate school interviews, hunting for their next living situation, and/or trying to cope with the next step they are going to take without having a mental breakdown. A well-known senior on Hartwick’s campus shared some of her feelings as the end of her college career is coming to a close.

By Kayce Savoie

Black Student Alliance (BSA) Start-Up


On this campus there are multicultural organizations with the purpose of promoting the acceptance of people’s differences, but until recently there hasn’t been any club with the purpose of providing the Hartwick community programs that will shine an educational light on the African culture. In this regard, the Black Student Alliance (BSA) is different from other minority awareness organizations on campus. For example, Society of Sisters United, Brothers United (SOSU/BU) focuses more on community service efforts in Oneonta and in educating the college on worldly issues....

By Jasmin Louis

A Unique Moment in Time


Stepping on to a college campus can be a life-changing experience. For native Englishman Duncan Macdonald ’78, crossing the Atlantic and coming to Hartwick College was all the more harrowing. His matriculation took him across an ocean to play soccer. As a senior, Macdonald was part of the 1977 Men’s NCAA Championship team. Macdonald’s squad brought home Hartwick’s only national title in any sport, after playing to a 16-0-2 regular-season record. “We were a small school in the middle of rural Central New York that had a nationally-ranked team,” Macdonald said.

By William Schultz-Student Submission

Faculty Spotlight: Jean-François Piaia


Jean-François Piaia, who goes by Jeff to his students and fellow faculty, is new to teaching and to the United States. Still in graduate school, working on a masters degree in English literature translation, Piaia, 33, who is originally from Strasbourg in the north of France, is at Hartwick as a visiting lecturer in the modern languages department this year.

“I was hesitating between being an English teacher in France, or a French teacher abroad in an English speaking country,” ....

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

Get to Know Hartwick: Chris McSwiggin


Sitting in Studio A of the Hartwick Communications Suite with a set of headphones over his ears, it’s obvious DJ Swiggs is no amateur. Swiveling in his chair, he jumps from the soundboard to the studio computer and then all the way over to his personal laptop, all while speaking into the studio microphone, keeping the air full of sound. And that’s his job: to keep the sound going. As a DJ, a talk show host, and a sports broadcaster, he keeps the decibel meter moving and the broadcaster working.   

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

The Right to Read: Sigma Tau Delta Celebrates Banned Books Week


The Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The Great Gatsby. Where the Wild Things Are. What do all of these books have in common? All of them have been banned or challenged in schools and libraries across the United States in the past few decades. The concept of banning books is nothing new. Governments, social reform societies, and teachers alike have been removing books deemed too vulgar, violent, crude, revolutionary, and offensive from the hands of readers for centuries. 

By Jenny McInerney

Club Spotlight: Hartwick Identity Alliance


This week on campus the Hartwick Identity Alliance (HIA) is hosting their annual Hartwick Ally Week celebration. Ally week is a week long celebration intended to increase visibility and awareness for the LGBTQIA+ community by getting people from outside the Community involved in LGBTQIA+ issues and activities.

There will be activities on campus all week hosted by HIA, and everyone is welcome. These events will include an all inclusive collage art project followed by a dinner and talk with Hartwick’s own Melissa Marietta on the subject of LGBTQIA+ experiences in the workforce.

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

Get to Know Hartwick: Hartwick Welcomes New Vice President for Enrollment Management, Karen McGrath


Last May, Hartwick hired a new Vice President for Enrollment Management, Karen McGrath. In an interview with Hilltops staff writers, McGrath shared her previous employment history, her reasons for accepting this position with the college, her advice for current students, and more.  

Question: What was your job prior to being the Vice President for Enrollment Management at Hartwick? What has prepared you for working in Admissions?

Answer: I have been in higher education for over 30 years. I have been fortunate to work at a large, public university; an all women’s college; senior military....

By Jenny McInerney and Tim Raimy