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The View From Oyaron Hill

The Last Editions of the “Lasts”


I corresponded with senior, Brianna Mckenzie, who is very involved with club and community involvement. She had nothing but fond and sarcastic things to say about her Hartwick experience and the days approaching graduation.

By Kayce Savoie

Damn Lynda, Back at it with The Senior Spotlight


As a senior in college, one has lots of mixed emotions and anxieties as graduation approaches. This week’s second-semester senior is theatre arts and English double major Lynda Birt, who offered up the best analogies about the months and days leading to Commencement. “It is a bit like Harry Potter. It’s like there’s a brick wall at the end of your undergraduate career that you’re sprinting towards and all the adults in your life are like ‘No, its fine, you can go right through the brick wall and there’s a whole world on the other side.’ You don’t know whether they are telling the truth or if you’re about to run head-first into a brick wall.”

By Kayce Savoie