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Response to "Why feminism is not necessary."


One day as I was scrolling through Twitter, as one does when bored or avoiding homework and/or the stress that comes with being a college student, I came across a picture of an article that sparked my interest. The article, titled “Why feminism is not necessary, written by Wesley Joubert, was starting a small uproar with some of the people I follow on Twitter. In the article, Joubert tries to tell his readers that things such as the wage gap don’t exist and only certain kinds of sexual harassment are worthy to be seen as a wrongful act. He wrote so confidently, yet with each line I read, he was unable to make me believe a single word he was trying to convey.

By Kayce Savoie

GOP Debate: A Liberal Perspective


From my view, this debate was heavily focused on international affairs, and the Republican party failed to address many domestic issues that need to be handled by the next president of the United States.  These candidates overwhelmingly spoke about the Iran nuclear deal and relations with Vladimir Putin and Russia, but failed to discuss issues of climate change, racial injustice, income equality, and affordable education, just to name a few. While healthcare wasn’t a heavily discussed topic during the debate, Planned Parenthood was a big topic of discussion.