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Hartwick College's Student Newspaper

The View From Oyaron Hill

Feelings From a Second Semester Senior


Kayce Savoie

As the Spring semester is well in swing, some of us are facing excitement as the warm weather and summer approaches, but others are caught in a bittersweet battle as graduation approaches. Seniors are preparing for job and graduate school interviews, hunting for their next living situation, and/or trying to cope with the next step they are going to take without having a mental breakdown.

A well-known senior on Hartwick’s campus shared some of her feelings as the end of her college career is coming to a close. Nora Mendez, an Anthropology major and Art History minor, described her overall emotions about the situation, her plans after graduation, and what she will miss most about Hartwick.

“Being a second semester senior is a bit exciting and sad at the same time,” Mendez said, “you are counting down the days until graduation, but it is sad in the next couple months we will be entering the real world. It is sad I won’t be coming back as a Hartwick student next fall term.”

She is trying to make the most of her final semester by hanging out with close friends and focusing on being as active in the clubs she is a part of on campus.

Some seniorsmay know 

“My plans after college are still up in the air. But I plan on working in New York City doing a lot of community service events,” she said about her future plans.

“What I am going to miss the most about Hartwick is the close connections I have made here.”