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Damn Lynda, Back at it with The Senior Spotlight


Kayce Savoie

As a senior in college, one has lots of mixed emotions and anxieties as graduation approaches. This week’s second-semester senior is theatre arts and English double major Lynda Birt, who offered up the best analogies about the months and days leading to Commencement.

“It is a bit like Harry Potter. It’s like there’s a brick wall at the end of your undergraduate career that you’re sprinting towards and all the adults in your life are like ‘No, its fine, you can go right through the brick wall and there’s a whole world on the other side.’ You don’t know whether they are telling the truth or if you’re about to run head-first into a brick wall.”

She mentioned how that even if there is this “whole world” on the other side, its full of things like full time employments, mortgages, and 401ks.

“I’m a little stressed out and nervous about the change,” and Birt. However, she understands what lies ahead for her and is ready for it.

As a double major, Birt has put in quite a lot of work into not only one, but two senior theses. She tackled her English thesis this past J Term and is working on her theatre thesis this semester.

“For my theatre thesis I’m writing a play based on an idea I had years ago. When I’ve tried to write it in the past, I’ve never gotten past the first few pages but last week I turned in a 43-page draft and at the end of the year there will be a staged reading of the piece that I never thought I would get done,” she said.

Both her theses have pushed her further than she thought was possible. After all the stress it may have caused, it was still a “pretty cool feeling” to complete them.

Birt said her ultimate, best moment of senior year was when, “Someone brought a really fluffy puppy into the library one day and I skipped half my class to play with her.”

She then said senior year has been very bittersweet. She will miss Hartwick and the people she has met, and even though there is a “brick wall” ahead, she is excited to take the next step.

As some advice for underclassmen, she mentioned how planning courses ahead is important.

“Get you general education credits out of the way as soon as possible,” She said. “No one wants to be a senior sitting in a gen-ed classroom during second semester of their senior year, even if they like the subject. Same goes for WL4 (Writing Level 4). I’m not the best at planning ahead.”