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The Last Editions of the “Lasts”


Kayce Savoie

I corresponded with senior, Brianna Mckenzie, who is very involved with club and community involvement. She had nothing but fond and sarcastic things to say about her Hartwick experience and the days approaching graduation.

Kayce) What does it feel like being a second semester senior with graduation approaching in a few weeks?

Brianna) As cliché as this may sound it's honestly bittersweet. It is kind of hard to grasp that come May 21st I'll be an official Hartwick graduate. I feel like I just started figuring everything out.  However, at the same time I'm ready to start my next adventure and see where life takes me.

K) What is your biggest anxiety, if any, when you think about life after graduation?

B) Being homeless in a box living with squirrels as my pets and bills

K) What has been your fondest memory at Hartwick?

B) Gosh! That's a hard question I've had a plethora of fond memories over the years. I would have to say my fondest would be when I won the Sarah-Keyes Breese scholarship my Sophomore year. I was awe-struck that I had already made such an impact on this campus that someone felt I was worthy enough for this award.

K) What/who are you going to miss most?

B)I'm definitely going to miss Mr. Matthews he's one of the wisest people on this campus. Also, Prof. Wightman she is just a lovely ray of sunshine and more than willing to help any student. I have such a long list I'm not going to list everyone but they know who they are. However, what I'll miss the most is the community atmosphere here. Whenever there were big events like Taste of Wick, Orchesis, or the Last Day of Class Bash how everyone just naturally came together and had fun! I'll miss that.

K) Do you have any plans for after graduation?

B) I'm planning on taking a few years off before I go to law school. I'm looking into the AmeriCorps program or working with some NGO's in D.C. I'm in the process of solidifying those plans now. Fingers crossed I'll hear something good soon.

K) Do you have any final comments or advice for underclass men and rising seniors?

B) In your short time here take advantage of everything Hartwick has to offer. Whether it's a j-term program aboard, Metrolink trips, or networking with our alumni. Those unique experiences will really shape your time here and help you grow. Lastly, "I'm just regular degular shmegular girl from Jersey."