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Being Roommates


Hannah Warren

In July, it finally came to having to find someone to share a tiny dorm room with for the entirety of a year I was terrified. I had filled out the survey asking when I liked to go to bed, or if I was a party animal. To me, the questions seemed pointless, and like they had come off a bad dating website.

And so I had come to the conclusion that I would just be put with a psycho, and have a terrible college experience living with this stranger. Especially after all of the horror stories I had heard from my older siblings about the terrors of dorm living like drunken encounters and overly possessive roommates.

So, like most teenagers today I took to Facebook. I found myself scrolling through, looking at potential roommates to no avail. I didn’t seem to find more than five that I thought would be nice enough. Most days I left my Facebook search discouraged, and recognizing that maybe my roommate would in fact be psycho.

Then one day, I received a message on Facebook from Julia Marquis. Ironically one of the only girls I clicked on and said, “she seems nice”. From that first message, I’d felt lucky to have been placed with a girl that seems at least 95% compatible with me. She was funny, sweet and just as excited and nervous for college.

Whenever my family and friends at home asked about my roommate, I would just reply that “she seemed nice and she’s from Maine,” Words that seemed to sum her up perfectly without knowing her fully. Later though, I would come to find out that there were not enough words to describe her. She is more than just nice and from Maine, and while at times I may insinuate that she is a psycho- she isn’t. She is a curly-haired girl with a loud personality and the kindest heart. She makes me laugh, she makes my bed when I’ve had a long day- and she has become a phenomenal friend.

Whoever paired us together did a fantastic job. I feel very fortunate to have been roomed with someone like her, someone who I can stay up late to talk to, or snack with late at night, or vent to when my Netflix show is just isn’t going to plan. That isn’t to say we don’t argue like siblings, but within seconds we’re smiling and laughing again. I didn’t just find a roommate for the school year, I seemed to have also found a friend for life.

Julia Marquis

Oh gosh, where do I start here? There is so much to tell.

When I first decided I was going to Hartwick, I was absolutely terrified about being six hours away from my family, with no means of transportation and surrounded by strangers. Not to mention I would be sharing a room with one of those strangers and there was a possibility that we could end up hating each other. Which I didn’t want.

Filling out the roommate application felt like I was filling out a test and the way I answered any question could either pass or fail me. My mom had ended up having a forever-friend in her college roommate and I greatly hoped that I would experience the same.

I checked my email every day for weeks after I filled out my application, waiting for my results and hoping I would get someone who wasn’t completely crazy. The day I got my email and found out who I would be sharing a room with for the next year, I messaged her on Facebook.

Immediately I got a message back.

After that, we spent the whole summer talking and found out we were pretty similar when it came to most things. Of course, I couldn’t tell what her habits were just by messaging her but I felt better about going into college knowing that my roommate was like me in many aspects.

When move-in day came around, I was nervous walking into the building I would be calling home for the next year. Exploring the campus was scary, but soon after it began to grow on me, having an amazing roommate helped me enjoy my first week and adjust much better than I ever thought I would.


am so grateful and so lucky to have a roommate who is so much like me and has the most kind, upbeat, funny and bright personality ever. From playful arguing and pillow fighting to just being goofy while we dance around the room to some cheesy song, to ranting about one thing after the other and having late night talks, it’s never a dull moment when the two of us are together. She never fails to make me laugh or make my long day better, or go on silly adventures with me. The person who paired us up did a great a great job.

It has been an amazing experience so far. Not only did I get an awesome roommate, I got someone that I can call my friend from this day forward and I feel so incredibly lucky to have her.