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Mountain Bikers Shine in Rampage 2015


Tim Raimy

Red Bull Rampage 2015, the 10th Edition of the Rampage Series brought some of the most talented downhill mountain bikers in the world together to compete in Virgin, UT to become this year’s champion. In the end it was Canadian Freestyle rider Kurt Sorge who took home the gold. Last year’s winner Andreu Lacondeguy scored second place, and Graham Agassiz took third after not being able to compete in Rampage last year due to an injury.


Sorge is the second rider to win Rampage twice in his career; the only other rider to complete that task was Kyle Strait who finished in 11th place this time around. Sorge busted out two backflips in his winning run, displayed some very technical riding throughout the rest.

You can’t talk about Rampage 2015, however, without acknowledging the crashes from this year and the incredible riders who overcame them. Nicholi Rogatkin had one of the most nerve-racking crashes in Rampage history when he dropped off a 30-foot cliff. He got right to his feet and walked around for a minute while the medical crew was on-site waiting to assess his injuries. 

Amazingly, he grabbed his helmet, got back on his bike, and finished his qualifying run with style. As a result of the crash he did not make it into the next qualifying round the next day, and wasn’t able to actually compete, but his efforts did not go unrecognized. Antoine Bizet pulled out an impressive double backflip but unfortunately couldn’t stick the landing and ended up crashing, and breaking his arm.

The worst crash of them all happened to Paul Basagoitia; he hit some loose dirt after a step-down drop which sent him over the handle bars and over a short cliff. Basagoitia had to be airlifted out of the event and was taken straight to the hospital; and went through nine hours of surgery. He shattered his T12 vertebrae and is still in the hospital being monitored and treated but he is in stable condition. The crash has started a trending social media campaign “#IRideforPaul” in which many other bikers have shown their support, bringing the mountain biking community together.