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OH FEST XI Exclusive Student Interview with Headliner Kid Ink


Morgan Halperin

OH Fest came and hit the town of Oneonta hard this weekend with live music and celebration. After a weekend of local acts getting their time to shine, drunken buffoonery, and shattered windows, Kid Ink came to close out the event. He capped off an energetic concert in Neahwa Park, filled with hit songs including “Try Me”, “Promise”, “Show Me”  and his “Cheerleader” remix. After his self-proclaimed “lit” act, local student media had an opportunity to speak with the star of the show.

Interviewer: If you could create a theme song about tonight, what would it be called?

Kid Ink: It would be called... That’s a good question. The theme song about tonight would just be called “Too Lit”. I can honestly say that that it was one of the more exciting shows that I’ve had in the last, you know, week or two. So I think from there I just felt that the energy was - there was a lot of energy so it would have to do with something with that. With the energy.

I: I see that you like to cook. What’s your favorite dish to cook?

K: My favorite dish to cook is lobster tail and shrimp. It’s a key, like lobster tail and shrimp is my go to. It’s all about patience.

I: First off, congratulations on your daughter.

K: Thank you.

I: How is separating your personal life from your professional? Is it hard?

K: I think it’s definitely something that’s not easy to do. The actual parenting side isn’t the hard part for me, but it’s definitely the time side. So, I’ve been on the road. Like now I’m doing the show tonight and she got her ears pierced today. So I gotta miss her getting her ears pierced. But, you know, it’s good. I’m lucky enough to have the technology today to have videos and still be able to face it in the moment. But you know, it’s still definitely one of those things that is still slowly changing me, so I don’t know how well I am. Now we’re just playing music shows and having fun.

I: What would you consider your biggest accomplishment?

K: My biggest accomplishment… There’s so many. I think what happens is, I set my accomplishment goals, and after I get something, there’s always something that can always happen that you can still accomplish. It always goes from having a hit single, it goes gold. After it goes gold you’re like “oh, I need platinum”. After it goes platinum I need multi-platinum. After that I need an award for it. So from there I’m just trying to go to the next stage of having hit singles to now, you know, getting awards. So I guess my future accomplishments are just like the plaques.

I: You’ve done a lot of collaborations. What is your favorite one?

K: I think that, I mean of course “Show me” was a good collaboration with Chris Brown that’s something else that I can go off of. I think that it was all fun. Just the whole time was fun from the session, to all the way after, to him calling me telling me how much he was still in for the record. You know that was one of the most exciting moments of features that I’ve had cause we were actually in the studio together, working together. Sometimes, a lot of times we have to get features from people when they’re on the road and can’t get to the studio with you. So I think from there, I was in the studio with him and I was with Tinashe for that Usher record. That was a fun session in Vegas. MGK is always somebody I spend time with in the studio.

I: What has been your favorite venue to perform at so far in your career?

K: Man you know what’s crazy? My favorite venue to perform at used to be “Le Bataclan” in Paris. That is where they actually had that last tragedy. So it was kinda like crazy to see that show and always going there. Knowing that was my favorite place to be at and to see what happened to them was crazy in that situation. You know, Paris in general is where I always felt like fans were just really fun and wild. They were really wild out there and they really try to have fun. It was a shaky building. I thought the actual pillars would crack.

I: Out of all the concerts that you’ve been to or witnessed, what has been your favorite to watch and why?

K: I’ve seen a lot of shows, and sometimes I catch them online if I can’t get to them. The more recent one I’ve seen that’s had me wowed was the JAY-Z and Beyonce show. Beyonce really stood up on JAY Z. Her production, her set, the way she brought it to the show emotionally. She had people around me crying, and my girl was into the show. Even if I didn’t know the songs. It’s about that show and presence that’s felt there. So I thought that was something dope. You know actually, I can’t forget to mention my brother MGK. MGK has one of the wildest shows that I’ve been to. Just as far as stunts. Man I saw that man cut his chest open on stage. I’ve never seen someone go that far.

I: What was your favorite part of being here, in Oneonta today?

K: Not only just the crowd’s size and energy. Like I always like doing festivals or fests cause they’re so diverse and there’s so many different people there. I know a lot of people who wouldn’t even direct it towards the schools, but I can see there’s still a lot of kids and just different people there. I think that was really dope to get that passed and have fun, even though we were doing a clean show. We still made it really energetic and fun. It was a dope day. I thought the weather was perfect for it. It feels kind of cold, but out on stage it’s hot! The last couple shows, I was sweating by the second song, so this was pretty decent.

I: Who is a dream artist that you’d like to collaborate with?

K: I think all rappers want to have JAY-Z on a record as a goal, but that’s just being a regular rapper. Getting in the studio, I like big voices. I like singers to bring something epic. I’m in the studio, hopefully soon, with somebody different like Katy Perry or Ariana Grande. Somebody else like Adele. Go beyond and over.

I: “Show Me”. Did you expect the song to get as big as it did as quickly as it did?

K: I honestly expected it to get bigger a little quicker than it did. For me, knowing that I was looking at a song with Chris Brown and DJ Mustard, and I’ve seen a lot of people’s songs take over really fast. I’m usually someone who doesn’t want that to happen, and I was excited that it was a patient, slow grind that still took a couple months. When it really hit, everything was just perfect timing for the album release and everything. I expected it to be big. I was somebody who thought it might sell a million records, but now we’re at like three million records, so no I didn’t expect that!