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New York Primary


Joshua White

The New York Primary was held on April 19. New York State has a closed Primary system. This means that only voters that are registered for the party holding the primary may vote. The results of this primary were overwhelmingly in favor of Donald Trump of the Republican Party (R) and Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party (D).

According to NY Times Trump won every county in New York State except for one, which Kasich won. Trump received 60% of the votes winning 89 of the 95 Republican Delegates in New York. Kasich won 4 while Cruz won none. Hillary on the other hand lost the majority of counties in New York State. Even so she still won 58% of the vote earning 139 of the 247 Delegates. Sanders received 42% of the vote and earned 106 delegates.

As of today Trump has 844 delegates, Cruz has 543, and Kasich has 148 out of the 1,237 Delegates needed to earn the nomination. Clinton has 1,446 Delegates while Sanders has 1,200 of 2,383 delegates needed to earn the nomination. There have been some concerns about the Democratic Party having roughly 126,000 voters purged from the system, and thus unable to vote. 

After losing in New York, Sanders also criticized the closed primary system that New York uses saying “That is wrong. 3 million people can’t vote in that state today and that has to change in future elections.” While registered independents cannot vote, they are free to change their party affiliations given they do so early enough.

At this point in the primaries it is becoming more and more likely that Clinton will be the Democratic candidate and Trump will be the Republican candidate as the lead grows between them and their opponents. The Democratic Superdelegates must also be taken into account as it is unlikely they will change their opinion and vote for Sander instead of Clinton.