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The View From Oyaron Hill

Hawks Will Face New Nests and Walkways in the Fall of 2017


Siobhan Steele

With all the construction teams and closed off sections, one has to wonder: what is going on around here?

All around Hartwick, renovations are being made to improve campus. The new resident hall is being built, creating new “Prime” housing and Saxton and Wilder are expected to be refurbished and will now be up to date with the other residence halls on campus.

While many students have been very much aware of the exciting and innovative living spaces being built on campus, the bigger project that is currently being created will take away the roads around campus, and create cross-ways. This unknown project is called “The Hartwick Drive Project”.

Starting in the fall, students won’t be able to drive inside of campus, but instead, only be able to drive around the campus itself. This make the campus a lot more unified and make it much easier to get around campus.

Vice President of student affairs and project coordinator Dr. Meg Nowak explained to me that “Hartwick Drive from the West Street Main Entrance to Johnstone Science Center will be turned into a pedestrian walkway with outdoor gathering spaces.” she also added “The value to the Campus Community through the creation of a pedestrian walkway are an enhanced on-campus experience, increased outdoor seating areas including an amphitheater near Johnstone Science Center, and view enhancing features for community and guests.”

What this means is that the campus will be a bit more restricted for vehicle use, in turn however, this will make the campus much safer to get around from each hall.

The Hartwick Drive Project dubbed “Wick Way” by Head of Housing, Zack Brown, started phase one when the campus moved the loading dock from Hartwick Drive to Dewar Hall. This caused the campus to build an elevator to ease the transport of goods to the commons, help out any students with disabilities, and help with the transportation of deliveries to student affairs and the mailroom. To help keep the loading dock free of pedestrians, a convenient pedestrian bridge is also being built.

Cosmetic changes are also being made around campus. Hopeful to start in April, four new signs will be built to create the “Hartwick College Gateway”. Parking areas behind Bresee and Clark are planned to have work on them as well. The day after commencement, Hartwick Drive will be closed to all vehicle traffic in way to make the new Harwick Drive walkways, which is hoped to be completed in August, before move-in day. Last minute details, like new plantings, will be made in October before True Blue Weekend.

By April 1st, there will be a website made to keep the public informed on the project and its progress.