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Hartwick College's Student Newspaper

The View From Oyaron Hill

A Music Review: Summer in the Winter in the Spring


Morgan Halperin

The students of Hartwick College and SUNY Oneonta have decided. The next performer to grace the OH Fest stage in Neawah Park will be the R&B/Hip Hop artist Kid Ink. With amazing timing, Kid Ink recently released his new album, Summer in the Winter.

It is the perfect album for listeners looking to get into Kid Ink before seeing his performance in April. Released on December 25 of last year, this is Kid Ink’s fourth studio album.

The highlights of the album are certainly its featured artists. While Kid Ink’s solo songs solidify his status as a relevant artist as per today’s standards, the featured artists are the shining point. Fetty Wap provides another classic chorus on “Promise” telling his girl “I love the way you stare / At me when you look my way / This is something you should hear / Baby would you come my way.” Other stellar featured artists include Omarion, Akon, Starrah and Bia.

Produced mainly by DJ Mustard, the album its provides listeners with a bouncy summer sound. The best beats on the album come from “Good Idea” and sample-heavy “That’s on You.” The only problem with the DJ Mustard and Kid Ink combo is that it quickly becomes stale. While each song is solid on its own, the combination of them on the track list proves to be repetitive.

Overall, if Kid Ink brings the energy from this album to OH Fest, then Oneonta students have a reason to be excited. The album backs up its title’s claim to a feel-good summer mood through each of its lively songs. I’d certainly recommend this album for anyone unfamiliar with Kid Ink’s previous work who’d like to learn more about this artist before his arrival in April