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Hartwick College's Student Newspaper

The View From Oyaron Hill

Meet 2016 OH Fest Artist: Kid Ink


Brian Todd Collins (Kid Ink) is performing at this year’s OH Fest on April 23, 2016. Kid Ink, age 29, is a successful rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. He is engaged to Asiah Azante, a fitness model with whom he recently had a daughter. Kid Ink is known for collaborating with Fifth Harmony, Usher, and Chris Brown.

By Kristen Amrhein

Spring Fling Rock AF Tour


Will you be in the northeast for spring break this year? Still looking for something fun to do? Do you just want to rock out in general? Consider the Spring Fling Rock AF Tour hitting the northeast between March 25 and April 1.This tour will feature four excellent bands: Cage the Elephant, Foals, Silversun Pickups, and Bear Hands. The first three of these bands all released new albums in 2015, and the fourth, Bear Hands, is set to release a new album next month. Cage the Elephant released their fourth studio album....

By Tim Raimy

A Music Review: Victorious, Wolfmother


If you’ve been waiting for ‘80s rock music to come back wait no longer; it’s back and it came from Sydney, Australia! Wolfmother came back with their fourth full album, Victorious. Nothing seems rushed or drawn out for longer than it needs to be; each song seems carefully constructed to be just the right amount of everything to be a comfortable listening experience for anybody who would like to give it a try. The album has many nods to classic rock songs, such as the opening song, “The Love That You Give”.

Big Changes in the Music Industry


The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is in charge of certifying and rewarding albums/singles for their sales achievements. In the past, the RIAA has given these certificates strictly off of direct sales of each product. The three most recognizable certificates are Gold (500,000 units), Platinum (1,000,000 units), Diamond (10,000,000 units). These certificates are very vital for consumers and the music industry in general, as album sales are frequently tied to success, leading to more sales. As music sales have dropped at an incredible rate, a new industry is taking over: Streaming.

By Morgan Halperin

Against Me!, Transgender Dysphoria Blues: Review and Analysis


The newest studio album by Gainesville, Florida punk group, Against Me! may be almost a year old now, but its current pop-culture relevance makes it worth talking about some months after its release.

Transgender Dysphoria Blues (2014) is an autobiographical account of the experiences of Laura Jane Grace, singer, songwriter and guitarist for Against Me!, and her struggle to be her true self and live her life, as an openly transgender woman. The album holds nothing back about Grace’s experiences as a trans woman and her unique experience of coming out, already in the public eye as well-known musician and political activist.

By Charlie Feher-Peiker


Noah Guthrie

Get to Know Hartwick: Chris McSwiggin


Sitting in Studio A of the Hartwick Communications Suite with a set of headphones over his ears, it’s obvious DJ Swiggs is no amateur. Swiveling in his chair, he jumps from the soundboard to the studio computer....

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

A Music Review: The Dead Weather's Dodge and Burn


On September 25, 2015 The Dead Weather released their long awaited third studio album, Dodge and Burn. For those who aren’t familiar with The Death Weather they are a Garage and Blues-rock band that formed in 2008 with an incredible group line-up consisting....

By Tim Raimy