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The View From Oyaron Hill

Department of Music Presents Faculty Concert


Siobhan Steele

On Friday the 24th, Anderson theatre was filled with spectacular music performed by Hartwick’s own professors. At 7:30pm, the Department of Music Faculty Showcase featured the practiced and perfected works of professors. Choral director, Lee Wright, opened the stage, introducing the audience to the program.

The showcase then officially started with Dr. Ana Laura Gonzalez on the flute playing Fantasia in A Major, TWV 40:2 by Georg Philipp Telemann. The piece was at a fast tempo, with a delicate and graceful sound.

Steven Nanni was accompanied by Lee Wright on the piano, and together they performed two extremely beautiful pieces, Ideale and Non t’amo piu by Sir Paolo Tosti. Both were opera pieces that were very emotional in tone, sending the audience in an emotional roller coaster.

Professor Megan Sheehy performed the song Laudatio by Bernhard Krol on her French Horn. This piece was slower tempoed than the previous performers songs, however it was dramatic in tone. 

Johana Arnold was accompanied by Kim Patterson on the piano performing three pieces by Franz Schubert. The first piece, Die Forelle, which was past tempoed. Following that was Nacht und Traume, a much slower paced but delightful and graceful piece. Lastly performed was Suleika, an uplifting, fast tempoed, almost fluttery sounding piece.

After a brief intermission, Dr. Gonzalez and Kim Patterson returned to the stage, along with Uli Speth on the violin, to perform three pieces by Carl Philip Emanuel Bach from Sonata for two violins and a bass, H. 584; Allegretto, largo, and Allegro. The trio sounded amazing together, keeping in sync. The three pieces were gorgeous and went well together paired with the trio of performers.

Lee Wright returned to the stage as well to play Fantasie-Impromptu in C-Sharp, op. Posh. 66 by Frederic Chopin. Before playing, he told the audience about the “power of music”. Although the song was soft and delicate in nature, it was also very moving and powerful.

Another trio graced the stage to perform four pieces by Claude Debussy and arranged by one of the trio members, Dennis Turechek on the guitar. The four pieces included Romance, dans le jardin, Les Angélus, Les cloches. Performing with him was Dr. Gonzalez  and Johana Arnold. The flute and guitar were very subtle accompaniment to Arnold’s heavenly soprano voice.

Dr. Jeremy Kellett performed two pieces from two different composers; A Day in April by Miroslav Lancar and Tango en Skai Roland Dyens. The first work Dr. Kellett described as a reflection piece. He received the piece from a past professor who was leaving. The work itself had a sad tone in it, making it soft but emotionally powerful. The second lightened the mood, as it was a tango piece. It was very uplifting and faster tempoed.

Last, but certainly not least to perform was another trio. Johana Arnold, Kim Paterson, and Uli Speth performed the piece Sunrise, S. 365 by Charles Ives. Before performing, the three showed the audience the piece of sheet music that looked as though it was composed by a mad man. Although the sheet music looked like a mess with huge scribbles throughout the page, the song itself was gorgeous with a delicate beginning and had a chilling mood throughout until the end. Even with the spine-tingling sensation given by the piece, it is still beautiful.

During the reception after the performance, sophomore, Gabbi Urban said, “Seeing the professors was spectacular. You don’t realize how great they are.” Some students also said that they loved seeing their professors preform, that it gave them hope for the future, and that it was inspiring that professors were once in the same position as students.

All in all, the performances on Friday night were wonderful. It was amazing to watch professors we see in class showing us how music is played out in the real world. Round of applause again goes out to our excellent professors.