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The View From Oyaron Hill

Department of Music Presents Faculty Concert


On Friday the 24th, Anderson theatre was filled with spectacular music performed by Hartwick’s own professors. At 7:30pm, the Department of Music Faculty Showcase featured the practiced and perfected works of professors. Choral director, Lee Wright, opened the stage, introducing the audience to the program.

The showcase then officially started with Dr. Ana Laura Gonzalez on the flute playing Fantasia in A Major, TWV 40:2 by Georg Philipp Telemann. The piece was at a fast tempo, with a delicate and graceful sound.

By Siobhan Steele

What Happens When You Stick Two Music Snobs in A Car for Eight Hours: Creating Storytime Tuesday’s Purple Hearse


NOTICE: Purple Hearse is not a real album. Storytime Tuesday is not a real band. None of the songs described herein exist in this form in the real world. Driving home for Spring Break, the authors were entertaining the idea of writing a false album review for our annual April Fool’s issue, Hillflops, but the finished product never made it into the paper. The following is the story of how our fake album, fake band, and fake songs all came to be, as the result of the greatest car trip(s) ever.

A conversation focused on cheap automobiles brought us to the topic of hearses; a vehicle that might be procured cheaply due to its general association with sorrow. 

By Tim Raimy and Jenny McInerney