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The View From Oyaron Hill

Impressive Presentation of Lovely Evidences


Taylor Morin

This week there will be a presentation/lecture by a person who simply identifies herself as the Librarian. This Librarian has rented out the Lab Theatre for the days of November 3-6, in hopes of presenting some evidence that she has collected throughout her travels across the world and in an effort “to prove one life and justify another” to anyone who wishes to attend.

Throughout her lecture, the Librarian describes her adventures around the world as she tries to crack the alluring mystery of a book that was returned 113 years overdue by an unknown person. She also recalls her explorations in various locations including England and China, finding clues that could lead her to the borrower of the overdue book, and perhaps a person who has only been known as a myth throughout history.

The Librarian also has a strange obsession with a book stamper.

Nonetheless, she informs the audience about her descent into her unhealthy fixation on the overdue book, the mysterious myth of a person, about needing to solve the mystery, and how bad the consequences of her choices were on her life and state of mind.

Beyond her fascination, the Librarian is always talking about how life must keep moving forward, is questioning the belief in anything, and has the tendency to reveal some personal background about herself, and while that does not have anything to do with her presentation on her evidence, it keeps things interesting. Several theatre workers have often explained that the Librarian’s tales always remind them that they must keep moving on after surprising events happen, makes them think about their own faith, or forces them to keep in mind the consequences of their actions.

Anyone who enjoys history, drama, or just listening to a passionate person talk should take the time this weekend to see the Librarian’s presentation. The show will also be advertised as “Underneath the Lintel by Glen Berger,” seeing as she also talks allot about doorways, for some reason. Shows will be November 3, 4, and 5 at 8 p.m. and November 6 at 2 p.m. in Lab Theater, Bresee Hall. Anyone who wishes to make a reservation should call 607-431-4227 or email theatre@hartwick.edu. Admission is free.