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Hartwick College's Student Newspaper

The View From Oyaron Hill

I Dare Disturb


By Shane Nolan (Hilltops Alumni Contributor)

Hi there, Misery; my good man.

I always knew I’d see your smiling face again…

These days I need these drinks, more and more. I don’t know if this is something I can endure, my friend.

I’m 19 Crimes strong and continuously counting;

Remembering, never forgetting,

You may be my only true friend who truly knows The pain of life and all its worrisome woes;

All the nerve endings its tributes sear closed.

My mind plays its scenes behind my eyes

Utterly blinding, unwilling, I’ll have you know.

As I exist in this world I’m one of one-hundred thousand, …maybe more…

My ambition rests unnervingly along these crowded streets of cobblestone

Now that I am far from home and have lost my way.

Often I stare into the naked skies until the stars are gone, they fade,

And look for the Hero Gods we praise.

Suspicion of their existence has been raised! From their ever-absent, never present, ways. And when I sleep, after gazing at nothing, and dream;

I reach unconsciously for our King,

Wondering if he too may be reaching, for me

To let me know I’m not alone lying amongst these stones.

And if the spurts of happiness I feel,

One day may ever really be real –

If only they’d stay rather than come and go.

Allow me to become familiar with its warmth

And not simply mesmerized by its glow.

I must know whether I’m walking proper and straight;

That upon my shoulders is a worthy weight;

One to be melted down and built upon;

To place an everlasting structure atop its foundation.

I must know.

I can no longer listen to the ringing of this silence.

It’s deafening, my good man; my dear friend.

For I dare disturb this resounding sound of silence.