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HIA Presents: 

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shadow Cast


Winston Sinclair

On September 23rd, at 7:30 PM in Slade theater, Hartwick’s Identity Alliance will be putting on a show like none other: a shadow cast production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. While that may sound incredibly enticing on it’s own accord, it gets even better. For some that may not know, a “shadow cast” production isn’t your standard play, musical or movie viewing. In this, and most, cases it’s a musical or play happening in real time with the movie that’s based directly on the movie itself. A pantomime if you will. But what makes this truly special is that the gap between the cast of actors and the audience is almost non-existent.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic that holds much more weight than most would give it credit for. While providing some timeless songs, stand-out characters and the warping of time itself, this show provides members of the LGBTQ community something incredibly powerful: confidence.

To many members of the LGBTQ community The Rocky Horror Picture Show provided a feeling of confidence and emotional strength. With sex-positive themes, being comfortable in your own skin, and embracing yourself for who you are – coupled with some catchy tunes and wild performance -- it truly makes one want to break out of one’s comfort zone and embrace all possibilities. So what happens when you throw a shadow cast in on top of all of that?

In all honesty, a show like this isn’t exactly for people who are unfamiliar with the source material and it may seem a tad “much” if you aren’t enveloped in the highly energetic and incredibly accepting atmosphere. The level of audience interaction a shadow cast production provides generally doesn’t exist in a live theater performance. Inside jokes are welcome, hijinks and gags will ensue, you’re more than welcome to dress up in costume, and of course you can do the timewarp again! It’s at that point one can truly see the importance of this specific production.

This shadow cast production is an outlet for those who may feel trapped; within society, within their own bodies and/or their own minds. For those that may feel repressed and unable to fully express themselves for who they see themselves to be. Wackiness aside, there truly is an energetic atmosphere that encourages those who need that release, who are looking to break out and feel free, to just be themselves and really have fun. It’s an opportunity and experience that truly cements the importance of groups like HIA and what they do for member of the LGBTQ community on this campus.

This production kicks off Hartwick Identity Alliance’s “Ally Week,” which will host an event each day from the September 23 - 29. Check out the dates, times and locations down below so you can plan accordingly and support HIA and the LGBTQ community on our campus and in our society.

Sept. 23 Rocky Horror in Slade at 7:30 PM

Sept. 26 LGBTQ Jeopardy in Johnstone 202 at 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 27 How to be a Better Ally in Yager 321A at 6 p.m.

Sept. 28 Life Celebration/ Memorial Service for Orlando victims. Outside Anderson. At 6 p.m.

Sept. 29 Music and Identity in Shineman at 6 p.m.