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Hartwick College's Student Newspaper

The View From Oyaron Hill

Hawk Talk 10.07.14

With Alumni Weekend we spoke to Hartwick graduates about, "What was

 the most important thing you learned in your time here at Hartwick?"

"We made friends for life here. I even met my husband here. That's the value of a smaller university. The ties bring us back."

Monica Boroghs Lopoyda '84

"Liberal arts is good, I think having na well rounded education is really good. That, and you make such close friends here."

Holly Hopkins Bruno '84 

"Whatever you do, just grab at it. Do something out of your comfort zone. That's what I did and I did okay."

Jan Mitchell '71, Board of Trustees 

“The connections I made, friends as well. Colleges are bricks and mortar, but they’re also people.

Thom Meredith ‘73 

"The best thing I learned here is that you walk through those doors, you can do anything. You're exposed to thinking here and that kind of stuff sticks with you. You will use parts of your education that you never thought you would need, so it's good not to know what you want, don't predestin your future."

Claire Odell Schaper '58, Former president of alumni 

“It’s a special place. They talk about the campaign for students being personal, but  it’s always been personal. That’s why I have a real sense of loyalty to this place. You take a lot away from it.”

Tony Santo ‘74