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The View From Oyaron Hill

Hawk Talk 04.19.16

What’s your opinion on the vote of no confidence? What is your overall level of satisfaction on the Hartwick administration?

Amanda Cline - Student Submission

“I feel that I don’t have an opinion because I am not educated enough on the topic. I feel to have an opinion in it you need to be much more educated and I feel like I only know the baseline so therefore I don’t want to take sides. I believe that the information I’m getting is not full, whether it’s from students, faculty, or administration.”

- Morgan Knight ’16 Sociology

“I don’t have strong negative feelings against President Drugovich or a strong opinion on the vote of no confidence, but I do feel like the students and the faculty have different messages going on and aren’t on the same page when it comes to this and President Drugovich. I feel like students don’t really know what they’re upset about, but maybe the faculty has a clearer message about what they don’t like.”

- Delaney Shepardson ’16 Sociology & Political Science

“I think that the vote of no confidence from the faculty says a lot about the overall opinions of the college. The faculty are the people who are interacting with the students every day and are directly influenced by all of the decisions that President Drugovich and the Board of Trustees make. I think that the faculty’s vote along with the students is a lot more relevant than the Board of Trustees who work closely alongside President Drugovich and probably have many similar opinions to her, whereas faculty and students clearly see this differently.”

- Molly Ernest ’16 Nursing

“To be honest with you I haven’t been keeping up so much with what’s going on, but if the majority vote is not in favor of her, you should follow the majority vote. If the majority of the student body were to say that they’re not in favor of how she’s doing then she would have to acknowledge that. We are the students and paying for our education, we should have a say in how we want to be educated and what we want going on at our college.”

- Hugh Rhoden ’16 Biology

“My level of satisfaction with Hartwick College has been good over the past few years. I don’t know too much about the vote of no confidence but I have noticed the turmoil between students, administration, and President Drugovich since the Academic Review Program began and the cut of [staff] over the summer. I believe that there needs to be better communication and as students we have a right to know the full story.”

- Alexa Considine ’16 Nursing

“I agree with the faculty’s vote of no confidence against President Drugovich. I feel like she has to go because she’s not helping this school become a better place. I feel like there’s a vortex [where] certain departments, such as the Music and the Art Departments, are against Drugovich because she doesn’t help out or chip in.”

- Tashiem Jordan ’17 Theatre Arts

“I feel that the faculty has a reason to feel the way they do, even though we might not have all of the information. There’s obviously more behind the story than what they are telling us. I also feel that the response from the Board of Trustees was not appropriate. Instead of saying we have faith in her because she’s making us money, they should say, ‘okay you have a reason to feel this way, why do you feel this way?’ I feel that the school administration doesn’t communicate with the students nearly enough.”

- Jen Foss ’16 Anthropology

“My level of satisfaction with Hartwick College is pretty good. I haven’t had a lot of issues but I know a lot of my friends have had issues. They think that the president should be handling this differently and has been unprofessional about the whole situation. I think that after the vote she heard the responses but acted like she didn’t care about them.”

- Jenna Hohenforst ’17 Nursing

“I believe that at this time we need to focus on Hartwick College as a community despite the different opinions between students, faculty, and administration. I feel that there needs to be better communication so that we can work together to create solutions to the arising problems. We need to focus on maintaining a productive and healthy environment for our students, especially the incoming freshmen.”

- Samantha Devlin ’16 Nursing