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Hawk Talk 03.01.16

How do you feel about the Oscar boycott due to the exclusively white "best actor" nominations (#oscarssowhite)

"I feel like [the boycott is] very called for, there's obviously an issue if in 2 years in a row not a single person of color has been nominated. It's an issue with the academy and casting."

-Aislin Glenn, 2018 

"I personally feel like every actor that is so well known - the majority is white. Like think about superhero movies, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, etc. They're so popular, in artistic films and movies, so it seems like it's more of a problem with casting than the oscars themselves. The majority of well-known actors are white."

- Carlos Silva, 2018

"I absolutely think that people should be given the credit they deserve regardless of color, but there are definitely trends here that have a lot of whitewashing."

-Tonie Cross, 2017

"From what I've heard about the Oscar boycott, it's very unfair that people of color are not getting nominated. It's bad, and I support an effort to diversify the academy and their nominees." 

- Connor Riley, 2018

"That's very disappointing. At least from what I saw, there were a lot of movies that came out this year that had valid nominations that were people of color."

- Skylar Visnak, 2017