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Hawk Talk 02.23.16

Off-Campus J Term Interviews

"What did you do this J-term?"

Name: Kim Morin

Year: Senior

Program: Conservation, Culture, and Natural History of Madagascar – Biology 244

“Going to Madagascar was definitely a unique experience. Before signing up for the J Term trip I never would have thought of going to a third world country; but now I am really happy that I got the opportunity. I learned a lot about the wildlife in Madagascar, including trees, plants, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and of course lemurs. The best part of the trip was Vakona where we got to see habituated lemurs that would jump on us.”

Name: Elyzabeth Bodington

Year: Junior

Program: Transcultural Nursing in Jamaica – Nursing 346

“I went into the program thinking of Jamaica as a developing country. In the beginning I felt like I was camping, which wasn’t expected. We visited the Bob Markley museum and that was awesome! Then, we spent twenty-one days at the Parish of St. Thomas. We worked at two clinics and took vital signs, weights, and heights. My experience was eye opening and culture shocking.”

Name: Shannon Conway

Year: Junior

Program: Art and Architecture of Italy – Art History 355

“The time I spent in Italy for J Term was one of the best experiences of my life! We went to Rome, Florence, and Venice, where we visited world-famous and historical sites every day. It was amazing to see all the famous works of art and architecture that we learned about in class in person. Besides the incredible art, I loved getting to experience different parts of Italian culture, such as the food and the fashion. I definitely want to go back some day!”

Name: Merrill Robichaud

Year: Senior

Program: Global Marketing in Italy – Business 244

“I went on three J Term programs: Ireland, Hong Kong, and Italy. I love all three of them! I had wonderful experiences and traveling really enriched my college experience. It’s spectacular to learn from a hands on perspective. The programs were all well organized and I learned how to respect all cultures. I feel that the J Term programs really rounded out my education.”