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The View From Oyaron Hill

Hawk Talk 02.23.16

During the demonstration on Friday afternoon, we asked fellow students for their opinions on the school's treatment of Noah Jager, the rally, and current state of the college. Here are their responses.

Emily R. Class of 2019 -

“The administration needs to allocate more resources towards the needs of current students. I feel that can be more effective to recruit  new students as well.”

Trevor T. Class of 2017- “Fight for your right to party!”
Tim K. Class of 2018 - “I’m very happy that so many students came out to this rally. It’s important that we show change, and that we want change and our voice to be heard here in the community. It’s a big community bonding experience that hopefully will take Hartwick to new heights and a step in the right direction.”
Ethan K. Class of 2016 - “We’re gathering here today to show the president and the board of trustees that there are real issues at this school, and that the students are united. Although there may be a variety of issues, we still want them to be addressed. We’re willing to help out with this too. We don’t think it should just be them that are doing this. We think that the student body needs to engage more. I think this may be a good first step in that. That is what this is about. To bring about change in any problems we see."
Diman S. SUCO Student - “I was a student at Hartwick for two years. There were a lot of things that made me decide to leave. One thing, I felt like I was more of a profit center. I didn’t really have much of a voice. There were a lot of changes that I think should’ve happened here, but none of them were. Yet, I was still being charged an obscene amount of money.”

Steven S. Class of 2019 -

“Alright, the one thing I just want to say is, can you (referencing Hartwick College) please stop talking about stuff you're going to do and actually do it for once? So far you keep talking about all these plans you have done, but yet, I don’t see shit being done. So I feel like what you really need to do is stop talking and actually walk.”

Alex P. Class of 2017 - “I think that there are a lot of problems going on within the school, where the school will not address them. I think there’s an email sent out surrounding, basicly saying that nothing happened that actually happened to Noah, which is kind of bad on the school's behalf.So I think that for the school to gain back the students trust, it needs alot more transparency… We need to see where our money is going.”

Cameron W. Class of 2018 - “On the situation right now, I think this is pretty bullshit… But stuff actually needs to be done around the school that is not being done around here… It needs to happen now.”

Claudia L. Class of 2016 -

“People here are lacking a lot of school pride. There’s a lot of general unhappiness; the students, the staff, and the faculty are unhappy. The majority of people are unhappy and that’s a serious problem.”

Photograph by Aislin Glenn

Liam S. Class of 2018 - “I’m the coordinator of student life, and as it stands, senate is completely neutral on the issue. However, this culmination of students here obviously suggests that this could be a student issue. It will be brought up in future senate meetings. If anybody would like to come to senate and express their feelings about this issue, feel free. We’re open to anything. Like I said, we are just here to help.”
Majority of the Student Body - “Hello, my name is Noah.”