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The View From Oyaron Hill

Remembering the Victims


As Hartwick moves forward and remembers the event that happened last week we the students, the faculty, administration, and staff remember the seventeen lives lost in South Florida, lives that ended too early, cut short by one boy’s decision as he walked into the high school that day with a gun.

Together we will remember the names of these victims from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

By Desiree Pecore

New York Primary


The New York Primary was held on April 19. New York State has a closed Primary system. This means that only voters that are registered for the party holding the primary may vote. The results of this primary were overwhelmingly in favor of Donald Trump of the Republican Party (R) and Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party (D).

By Joshua White

From Kesha to Title IX at College Campuses


Recently, rumors have been circulating that Sony Music Entertainment is dropping music producer Dr. Luke in response to the controversy over pop artist Kesha’s law suit accusing him of sexual assault and verbal and emotional abuse. Unfortunately, these rumors have proved to be false: Dr. Luke’s contract with Sony is still active but will expire in early 2017. Rolling Stone reported that Dr. Luke’s attorney has issued a statement saying, “Luke has an excellent relationship with Sony. His representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony and this [Luke’s firing from Sony] has never come up.” 

By Kristen Amrhein

Gravity Waves


I am sure that everyone is familiar with the emails that were received on February, 11 regarding the possible detection of gravity waves. Now some of you may have had a few questions such as: “What are gravity waves?” or “What does their detection mean?”, Or even “Why should I care about gravity waves?” According to Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a gravity wave is a ripple in the fabric of space-time. This theory also states that gravity itself can be understood as a warping of space, and when gravitating objects move they produce gravity waves.

By Josh White