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The View From Oyaron Hill!

Hilltops is written by and printed for the students of Hartwick College. This newspaper is an important vessel for creating a voice on campus and providing a unique look into Hartwick College through the personal perspective of enrolled students. Information on important events, student opinions, and campus wide spotlight articles are available in print and online. Every Hartwick student is welcomed and encouraged to include their voice and ideas in the pages of Hilltops newspaper.

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Second Grade Jane


College is the perfect time in life to make some new friends, and to further explore the person you’d like to be. Innocently enough, we may find ourselves exchanging numbers, taking some selfies, and tagging each other in funny cat videos on Facebook. This is a friendship that seems solid, and like it may last way after college ends. Nothing about your movie dates, or Table Rock excursions screams problematic.

By Hannah Warren

A Music Review: Trippie Redd, 6ix9ine, and Rich Brian


Trippie Redd, like most clout rappers, started his career on the audio distribution site Soundcloud. He was inspired by the rapper Lil Tae who tragically died in a car crash in 2014. Trippie Redd began taking his music career seriously and recorded his first songs “Sub-Zero” and “New Ferrari” in 2014. 

By Gabriella Flannery

A Special Music Review: What is "Clout Culture"?


This week instead of reviewing a few recently released albums we will be discussing an entire genre of music. However, “genre” may not be the best word to describe this collection of artists and the music they make.

By Gabriella Flannery

Being Roommates


In July, it finally came to having to find someone to share a tiny dorm room with for the entirety of a year I was terrified. I had filled out the survey asking when I liked to go to bed, or if I was a party animal. To me, the questions seemed pointless, and like they had come off a bad dating website.

By Hannah Warren, Julia Marquis

Wholesome Horoscopes


Aries: You have a lot going on, Aries! Today is a good day to chat with family members; give them a call and update them on all of the exciting things you’ve been up to. 

Taurus: Taurus, you are hard-working and so kind.

By Hannah Erbe Smith

What It’s Like Being A Student In A Divided College


I don’t know if I speak for anybody else when I say this, but I love Hartwick College. Don’t take that to be gushier than it is. Since I started attending Hartwick last year, this odd little place up here on this hill has grown on me and now I can’t imagine who I would be without it. That isn’t to say that I don’t have my issues with it, but all in all I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

Product ReviewProof Sunglasses


Now that we’ve jumped into spring, it’s time to prepare for the good weather. Believe it or not, the sun does shine in Oneonta and when it does, it’s important to protect your eyes from it; Proof, a Boise, Idaho-based company dedicated to producing environmentally sustainable eyeglasses, can help you do so sustainable and in style. The brainchild of brothers Tanner, Taylor, and Brooks Dame, Proof got its start in 2010, when founder Brooks unsuccessfully attempted to make a bamboo ski pole in his garage.

Damn Lynda, Back at it with The Senior Spotlight


As a senior in college, one has lots of mixed emotions and anxieties as graduation approaches. This week’s second-semester senior is theatre arts and English double major Lynda Birt, who offered up the best analogies about the months and days leading to Commencement. “It is a bit like Harry Potter. It’s like there’s a brick wall at the end of your undergraduate career that you’re sprinting towards and all the adults in your life are like ‘No, its fine, you can go right through the brick wall and there’s a whole world on the other side.’ You don’t know whether they are telling the truth or if you’re about to run head-first into a brick wall.”

By Kayce Savoie

A Music Review: 

Five Bands You Can Use to Either Impress or Confuse Your Friends


No one can deny that the music industry is massive. There are dozens of bands and solo artists whose presence on “mainstream” radio and in your standard house party has made them almost universally recognizable. But have you ever wondered what happens when you start canoeing down some of the tributaries away from the “mainstream?”

By Tim Raimy

Know Your Rights


Interacting with the college administration in a disciplinary context can induce great anxiety when the future of one’s academic career hangs in the balance. For this reason, it is important to know your rights regarding reporting and being charged with misconduct, before you need to worry about them. What follows is a rundown of the rights students have in regards to reporting misconduct (i.e. being a “whistle-blower”) and facing allegations of student misconduct, here printed for those who have not seen these policies or who wish for a “refresher.”

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

Senior Spotlight:

Feelings From a Second Semester Senior


As the Spring semester is well in swing, some of us are facing excitement as the warm weather and summer approaches, but others are caught in a bittersweet battle as graduation approaches. Seniors are preparing for job and graduate school interviews, hunting for their next living situation, and/or trying to cope with the next step they are going to take without having a mental breakdown. A well-known senior on Hartwick’s campus shared some of her feelings as the end of her college career is coming to a close.

By Kayce Savoie

A Music Review: Summer in the Winter in the Spring


The students of Hartwick College and SUNY Oneonta have decided. The next performer to grace the OH Fest stage in Neawah Park will be the R&B/Hip Hop artist Kid Ink. With amazing timing, Kid Ink recently released his new album, Summer in the Winter. It is the perfect album for listeners looking to get into Kid Ink before seeing his performance in April. Released on December 25 of last year, this is Kid Ink’s fourth studio album. The highlights of the album are certainly its featured artists.

By Morgan Halperin

Music Review: Sleater-Kinney, "No Cities to Love"


Returning from an almost 10 year hiatus Sleater-Kinney is back, reviving the sound and fury of Riot Grrrl! punk-rock to remind us that third-wave feminism is still burning as hot as it was in 1995.

Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss of Olympia, Washington punk-rock group Sleater-Kinney have been recording together since 1997 and have just released their seventh album, titled “No Cities to Love.”

By Charlie Feher-Peiker

Six 2016 Albums for the Spring


Ahh, spring is almost here! What better way to spend your first bright walk outside this season than with some good new music? Breathe in the fresh spring air while listening to these six new albums that scream, “One more season ‘till Summer!”

By Morgan Halperin

A Music Review: Victorious, Wolfmother


If you’ve been waiting for ‘80s rock music to come back wait no longer; it’s back and it came from Sydney, Australia! Wolfmother came back with their fourth full album, Victorious. Nothing seems rushed or drawn out for longer than it needs to be; each song seems carefully constructed to be just the right amount of everything to be a comfortable listening experience for anybody who would like to give it a try. The album has many nods to classic rock songs, such as the opening song, “The Love That You Give”.

Black Student Alliance (BSA) Start-Up


On this campus there are multicultural organizations with the purpose of promoting the acceptance of people’s differences, but until recently there hasn’t been any club with the purpose of providing the Hartwick community programs that will shine an educational light on the African culture. In this regard, the Black Student Alliance (BSA) is different from other minority awareness organizations on campus. For example, Society of Sisters United, Brothers United (SOSU/BU) focuses more on community service efforts in Oneonta and in educating the college on worldly issues....

By Jasmin Louis

Hawk Talk 


What’s your opinion on the vote of no confidence? What is your overall level of satisfaction on the Hartwick administration?

Hawk Talk 


How do you feel about the Oscar boycott due to the exclusively white "best actor" nominations (#oscarssowhite)

Hawk Talk 


Off-Campus J Term Interviews

"What did you do this J-term?"