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Morning After the Elections

Posted on November 9, 2016 at 11:05 PM

Joanne Georges - Hilltops Editor-in-Chief


I’m imagining the day after Election Day to be bit like the walk home after a night with someone else in your bed. For some it’s the Walk of Shame, for others the Victory Lap (my personal fave: Got Laid Parade), and for few the Bounty-Call Bounce.

Bounty-Call Bounce

You put yourself out there for months! You told everyone from Facebook to Twitter and even at the office, when no one asked you, exactly what type of president you were looking to vote for. You thought all the signs had pointed to a happily ever after: the constant emails, “I Need You!” your representative would beg in the subject line. It was like they were speaking to you, to your soul. You were enamored with their wide smiles and pristine suits, and sure, they said there was enough of them to go around, that they were here for each and every American, but inside you knew they truly meant they were here for you. You even started to rep their crew: polished buttons and pins, bumper stickers with their name and smiling faces plastered on your car. Don’t deny there’s a flag somewhere in the trunk of your car or a picket sign lodged in your front yard, isn’t there? So, when you showed up to that booth excited, you hoped that the months of repartee between you and Mx. Right Representative would have culminated to the best night of your life. (Even for those mail-ins, like a school girl with her first crush, you just barely refrained from adding hearts and kissing the envelope.) Except, in the light of day, you realize it wasn’t as good as you thought it would be. It wasn’t bad per se, but they didn’t reach your expectations, and they do don’t look as good in the light of day. The disappoint starts to grow when you realize, they weren’t much of a giver anyway.

Victory Lap

Homerun; home frolic; victory lap; victory screech!! It was a good play, it was a great night, because your rep came through. The both of you, cam…-arrived to a spectacular ending. Hard work and determination are true marks of success and you have never felt better. It’s what you needed after such a hard campaign. No one could ever deny what it was you wanted and who you wanted it with. No coy smiles or fluttering eyelashes, you walked into that booth, shoulders back, head held high, outfit on point because you were gonna get you a president last night. And boy did ya! There was never a doubt in your mind that you could reel one in, even as the scandals, lawsuits, talk show hosts, and general haphazard media of this season tried to steer you elsewhere. You even took a quick Snap pic before you two got down to business. Congratulations, you presented the best parts of you and got what you wanted, some quick relief and a clean walk away. They probably won’t call again, but you’ll have those memories, swagger in your walk, and a grin all day. If it was as good as you remember, you hope the day dreaming won’t interrupt your gloating at work or in class.

Walk of Shame

Your preferred option has been out of the race for months. You’ve been so despondent and missing your first choice, you thought about skipping last night’s booth all together. But you were constantly reminded that beggars can’t be choosers, and it’s better to pick someone than no one. Not voting was as much a loser move as a write in. You hemmed and hawed over it, hovered over those write-in lines. You never know, you might not be the only one rooting for them. It could be the victory you’ve always wanted, a second chance after the primaries. Or the actual devil could be who you go home with tonight. So, slim pickings it is. You made the call, picked the one you could potentially wake up next to in the morning. You did the deed and the shady, slimy sensation in your stomach, you hope, will pass. This morning you’ve been too scared to check your messages and see exactly who’s in your Snap story, mentions, or messages. Don’t want to know who ‘won’ you at your most desperate. It was meant to be quick and when you drag yourself up, you sneak out the door, sun glasses on, hoodie up or head down, and hope no one asks you what you did last night.

And that’s the American electoral system at work. Bounty Call-Bouncers are going to have to come to terms with one special night spent on one less than special candidate. Victory Lappers get to gloat for the next four years, but can’t forget their choice was their responsibility and whatever actions their candidate makes is a reflection on them. Finally, Walk of Shamers, cheer up; your choice only has your number for the next four years and by then your true love could

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