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Wick Gets WIRE-d Up


Taimoor Qazi

On March 17 2015, Hartwick College’s Office of Marketing and Communication and Technology Services officially launched the Wire@Hartwick, aka The WIRE. This new system takes the place of Hartwick Happenings, but was designed with a different purpose in mind. The WIRE is a new and streamlined communications vehicle that features announcements, information, and event content.

Although The WIRE sounds more chic than Hartwick Happenings, why was it implemented if what it’s doing is fairly similar to the previous system?

Susan Salton, Director of Marketing and Communications, explained, saying: “The WIRE was developed in direct response to campus community feedback from students, faculty, and staff about the number and the volume of wide-circulation e-mail. General feedback was that too many mass e-mails were being sent and in many instances, the content was not always relevant for all audiences.”

However the purpose of The WIRE isn’t just to replace Hartwick Happenings. It is a way to reduce mass e-mails, and according to Salton, “The long term goal of the WIRE@Hartwick is to include most of the mass e-mails that are sent to the Hartwick College community into one daily WIRE e-mail.” The WIRE email is sent each day at 9 a.m., and the goal is for people to anticipate and look for the WIRE at this particular time so they are able to have all events for that day at hand. But who can use The WIRE, and how can one register an event?

Salton explained that “The WIRE can be customized with content of interest to specific audiences: students, faculty and staff,” and “members of the Hartwick College community can login into the WIRE submission form and post an announcement, event or general information,” so accessibility is available for everyone looking to promote events via The WIRE. In fact, Salton commented on the ability of The WIRE to be much for than a means to advertize, The WIRE was designed for more than event promotion. It is meant to serve a broader purpose beyond publicizing events. It is meant to be an informative communication vehicle that can serve as a convenient source of information for the Hartwick College community to find out what’s going on at the college. Salton also touched on the efficiency of The WIRE and its information output: “Wire@Hartwick delivers this information in two convenient ways -- through the Wire@Hartwick web page and a single daily e-mail.”

Although the main goal of The WIRE is to lower the number of mass e-mails, that does not mean that there are disappearing. Salton spoke of this misconception, and said that there will be times, such as emergency communications, time sensitive matters, etc., when there is a need to send a broadcast message of importance pertaining to any work, office, or deadlines and to understand that these are special cases.

The reactions to the shift have been positive according to Salton, who said, “As people use WIRE@Hartwick, we continue to get great feedback and suggestions on how it can be improved ... We don’t intend for this version of WIRE to be static - think of this as Version 1.0.” The WIRE offers concise information distribution for Hartwick’s community, and like any service or product there will be progress and improvement with demand.